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Training Courses

Formal training is expensive and have a lot of constraints like traveling distance, location, accommodation, time off to attend the training. This is where self study and self training courses comes in very handy but they must be affordable, very comprehensive and they must cater for a wide spectrum of people. Most importantly you must have support, if you get stuck you need someone to point you in the right direction.

Many organisations and companies steer away from providing support and instead they create online forums where you can post your question and then the forum members help each other. It is a good solution but there is still a place for direct support.

Technology Tutor is busy developing a comprehensive PICAXE Self Training Course build around the PICAXE-18M2. The PICAXE Self Training Course uses a breadboard as basis and all the components can be re-used in your own projects later on if you have mastered the training. Technology Tutor will also provide email support as far as possible, see the PICAXE Self Training Course for more information.