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Workshops in Electronics and Programming

What Technology Knowledge and Skills will be covered?
Two technology fields will be covered namely Electronics and Programming. With the merging of these two fields it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish one from the other. Most systems uses both of these fields to create a final product.


The PICAXE experimenter board (axe092) will be used as a starting point and the following will be covered in electronics:

  • Basic electronic components and symbols
  • Ohms Law – Voltage, Current, Resistance
  • Simple schematics
  • Simple Systems like a voltage divider, transistor switch
  • Binary notation and simple algebra
  • Truth tables
  • Digital components and symbols
  • Microprocessor – PIXACE
  • Program structure and flow-charting
  • Sensors
  • Programming the PIXACE

The following will be covered in programming and the focus will be more on the engineering side in other words to communicate with external electronic hardware:

  • Basic programming concepts
  • Object orientated programming with VB.NET
  • Variables, Inputs and Outputs
  • Functions vs Subprocedures
  • Storing and reading information
  • Serial port communication with external electronics like PIXACE  (advanced)

What does the Tutoring Workshop cost?
The workshop will be held in small groups and the cost is:

  • $20 per person per session – 3:30 to 5:00 or
  • $80 per person, daily Rate – 9:00 to 4:00