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01 – PICAXE-20X2 Microbot Pinout Table

I am not going to cover the construction of the Microbot the Microbot manual gives an easy to follow list of instructions on how to assemble the Microbot. We are going to concentrate more on programming the PICAXE Microbot and for that we need to associate elements and components with microprocessor pins.


The table below lists the pinouts for the Microbot PICAXE-20X2 robot. Most of the pinout information is also printed on the Microbot circuit board. The information is also available in the Microbot manual.




A.0 Serial Output (Diagnostics)
B.7 Right Motor Backward
B.6 Right Motor Forward
B.5 Left Motor Backward
B.4 Left Motor Forward
B.3 Right LED Eye
B.2 Piezo Sounder
B.1 Left LED Eye
B.0 (ADC1) Right Centre Connector Servo, IR TX
C.7 (ADC3) Motor Current Sense
C.6 Push Button Switch
C.5 Motor Speed Control
C.4 Rear Left Connector  IR TX
C.3 (ADC7) Front Right Connector  Bumber, LDR Right
C.2 (ADC8) Front Centre Connector Line Tracker, SRF005, Pen Holder
C.1 (ADC9) Front Left Connector Bumber, LDR Right
C.0 Rear Right Connector IR RX


In the following pages we are going to run a few tests on our newly constructed Microbot to verify that everything is working as it should.