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PICAXE Experimenter Board Kit (AXE092K)

The contents of the Kit includes:

•    PCB            AXE092 AXE092  Schools  Experimenter  PCB
•    IC1              ICH008 8 pin IC socket
•    IC1              AXE007M PICAXE-08M  microcontroller
•    R1               RES22K 22k resistor (red red orange gold)
•    R2-4          RES10K 10k resistor (brown black orange gold)
•    R5-7          RES330 330 resistor (orange orange brown gold)
•    C1               CAP001 100nF (104 or .1k) polyester capacitor
•    LED1         LED001 red 5mm LED *** flat marked on PCB
•    LED2         LED002 yellow 5mm LED *** flat marked on PCB
•    LED3         LED003 green 5mm LED *** flat marked on PCB
•    LDR           SEN002 miniature Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
•    SW1          SEN030 6mm miniature push switch
•    SW2          SEN045 4 pole DIP switch
•    CN1           CON039 3.5mm  stereo  socket
•    PZ1            SPE002 piezo *** red wite to +
•    BAT          BAT016 battery  clip *** red wire to +
•    BAT          BAT013 3xAA  battery  box
(*** denotes components which must be soldered the correct way around. See notes above).

Also required (not supplied):

•    AXE026   PICAXE download cable
•    BAT002   3 x AA alkaline cells


•    H1 CON044         10 pin socket
•    H2 CON035         3 pin header

AXE092KB – The Ebook for PICAXE Experimenter Board is not included

Price: $16.50 (NZD)