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PICAXE Beginners

A microcontroller is a small computer build into a single microchip. You can program it with instructions saved in on-board flash memory. It can read inputs, process information, control outputs and save or output information. 

What is a PICAXE microcontroller?
The PICAXE microcontroller is just a PIC microcontroller manufactured by Microchip with a PICAXE bootloader program loaded on it. A bootloader is a small program that start-up first and it interprets and runs your code on the microcontroller like a small operating system.

What makes the PICAXE microcontroller so special?
The PICAXE bootloader provides the capability to program the PIC microcontroller in a very simple Basic computer language and it also takes care of most of the configurations making it very simple to program a PIC microcontroller. 

This makes the PICAXE microcontroller ideal for technology education where the focus can be placed on principles rather than the technical configurations and set-up. PICAXE is also very popular with hobbyists both in electronics and robotics. 

Programming PICAXE microcontrollers, code samples and tutorials will be covered under this topic.