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The download page is a collection of files and information available from various other sources such as Techsupplies. It is just handy to have everything together at one place without having to go and search for it on other sites.


Description of the File


PICAXE Manual 1 – Getting Started. This manual gives an overview of the various software packages that can be used with the PICAXE chips. It also shows the pinout diagrams of all the various PICAXE microcontrollers and explains what a PICAXE system is. A list and description of the Starter Packs and Project Boards available is covered. a Procedure to install the software and USB cable is provided as well as the basic programming diagrams for the various microcontroller chips.


PICAXE Manual 2 – BASIC Commands. This manual covers all the commands used in PICAXE BASIC. The description of the command is given as well as the command syntax. A list of PICAXE chips that can make use of the specific command is also provided per command in the form of IC sketches. 


PICAXE Manual 3 – Interfacing Circuits. This manual show how to interface input and output devices to PICAXE. Input devices are normally switches or sensors and output devices are LED’s, displays, motors or relays. Examples of how to implement a vast number of input and output devices are provided in this manual. 


BOT120 PICAXE-20X2 MICROBOT. This is the instruction manual for the BOT120 Microbot robot. It covers the assembly instructions and it gives the BOT120 Microbot Motherboard Schematic circuit diagram. It covers some testing procedures examples to test the Microbot after assembly.

Experiment 2

Experiment 2 – PICAXE Self Training Course. You can download experiment 2 in the PICAXE Self Training Course as an example of  the layout and contents of an experiment in the course, See PICAXE Self Training Course for more information.


USBRS232 – USB to RS-232 DB9 9 Pin Serial Cable Drivers. This is the drivers for the USB to Serial converter. Download it and unzip it in a local folder. When the converter is plugged in and it ask for a location to install the drives from, point it to the new folder with your downloaded drivers.